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Advanced business models need CriticalMatrix’s Advanced Architectures to power the transformation, innovation, and security for modern digital business success.  Our Solution Architects understand your exacting requirements and will define and develop the best solution for your business with clarity, accuracy and precision.  Critical business systems rely on critical architectures.  CriticalMatrix understands the gravity of your Enterprise, Business, Information and Technology architectures. 

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Solution Architect Services – CriticalMatrix uses top Solutions Architects to design best of breed solutions for your business.  Our Solution Architects provide leading IT capabilities and services as an extension of your Information Technology teams - specializing in business critical technology architectures.


✔        Identity and Access Management (IAM)

✔        Active Directory

✔        Cloud Infrastructure

✔        Office 365 Migration         

✔        Enterprise Mobility Management     

✔        Unified Communications Solutions

✔        Software-Defined Datacenter
 Technology Architecture & Design



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Superior Solution Architectures – CriticalMatrix Solution Architects provide superior solution architectures by aligning the value stream with technical innovation, developing the conceptual design and overseeing the physical solution.  Our Solution Architects always design systems that are bimodal in nature – built to last and built to adapt.   Our Solution Architects provide additional value by performing tandem functions as a Business Analyst and Solutions Architect - realizing business objectives through flawless solution design. 

✔        Conceptual Integrity

✔        Functionality

✔        Maintainability

✔        Interoperability       

✔        Availability     

✔        Resiliency

✔        Security





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CriticalMatrix Methodology – CriticalMatrix uses the Microsoft Solutions Framework to ensure predictive and successful project outcomes.  Customers benefit from CriticalMatrix’s project governance, technology leadership and organized teams.  We remove the complexity and maximize the value of Information Technology through 6 clearly defined solution milestones.

✔        Envisioning - Business Vision Established

✔        Planning - Architecture Design Developed

✔        Building - Solution Built and Developed

✔        Stabilizing - Testing in a Controlled Environment         

✔        Operating - Operational Knowledge Transfer   

✔        Deploying - Production Environment Implementation


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